Rebecca Bachmann PhDRebecca Bachmann PhD is a scientist turned medical writer, science writer and developmental editor. Her doctorate research in cell signaling focused on a growth and proliferation mechanism ubiquitous to all eukaryotes, which has been harnessed clinically to optimize cardiac stents, as a cancer treatment, and towards reducing organ rejection following transplantation. Her post-doctoral research employed the powerful and Nobel-prize winning C. elegans model organism to elucidate an essential protein in muscle development.

For the past 7 years, Rebecca has enjoyed writing and editing both science and medical: reviews, primary research, meeting summaries, presentations, and proposals.

The first few years were in the capacity of Medical Writer for Health Management Solutions, Inc. Rebecca was the lead writer in the small, continuing medical education (CME) company, and she reported to the Managing Director. The primary responsibilities were to compose CME manuscripts and peer-reviewed articles based on transcripts, presentations, interviews, and PowerPoint presentations. The ability to learn new material quickly was essential, as the diverse topics addressed include: oncology, dermatology, neurobiology, anesthesiology, nephrology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, urology, and physiatry.  Other responsibilities included developing proposals for symposia and content for round table and advisory board discussions, composing executive summary reports and liaising with experts in various medical specialities (via phone, email, and in-person) to create and revise manuscripts and presentations. Also, the role required negotiating with journal editors during the peer-review manuscript submission process and liaising with clients on content for manuscripts, presentations, and meetings.

Since 2007, Rebecca has delighted in directly assisting academic researchers, medical education companies, and publishing companies to develop and produce interesting, coherent, scientifically-correct literature. Primarily, the target audiences are peers in science and medicine, ranging from cell biologists, to neuroscientists, to primary care physicians, to anesthesiologists, to nurses, to physiatrists.

American Medical Writers AssociationRebecca is a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and adheres to their code of ethics. This includes:

  • Composing scientifically accurate, objective manuscripts
  • Ongoing learning
  • Respecting the confidential nature of provided materials
  • Honoring the terms of contracts or agreements
  • Professional conduct

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